Spring and Summer plants

The plants along the dunes really sparkle into life during spring and summer like a rich vibrant carpet of colour and include dune pansy, bird's-foot trefoil, biting stonecrop, seaside centaury, fragrant evening primrose, southern marsh orchid and pyramidal orchid.  Green winged orchids appears here in Spring along with bulbous buttercup.

Amongst the sand dunes just above high tides plants are able to tolerate high salt concentrations and include sand couch grass, prickly saltwort, sea holly and sea rocket.

Amongst the large semi-stable yellow dunes you'll see the dominant plant being marram grass.  Many of the rare moths are found after dusk such as the grass eggar moth whose larvae feed on marram and kidney vetch, whilst the larvae of the scarce burnished brass moth feed on hemp-agrimony.

June, July and August are great times to visit the dunes with its sea of colours from reds and blues, and a fragrant aroma.

Late summer: common sea-lavender gives a wonderful blaze of purple colouring to the salt marsh in late summer.  You can spend some time looking out for golden samphire and the rare rock sea lavender in the upper salt marsh close to the dunes.

In the stabilized dune grassland you'll find herbs such as thyme, eyebright and lady's bedstraw.

Image Gallery

Bedstraw and Thyme - Photography Credit Mike Alexander
Hayrattle - Photography Credit Mike Alexander
Cowslips - Photography Credit Mike Alexander
Knapweed - Photography Credit Mike Alexander
Pyramidal Orchid - Photography Credit Mike Alexander
Sprin Squill - Photography Credit Mike Alexander
Vipers Bugloss - Photography Credit Mike Alexander
Wild Garlic - Photography Credit Mike Alexander
Kidney Vetch - Credit Simeon Jones
Bird's Foot Trefoil - Credit Simeon Jones
Bloody Cranesbill - credit Simeon Jones
Lady's Bedstraw - credit Simeon Jones
Credit Simeon Jones - Picture of Teim a Gwenyn

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