Gwelliannau i Seilwaith Gwobr Baner Las ac Arfordir Gwyrdd


Yn Nhraeth y De Dinbych-y-pysgod:

Parcio: Mae maes parcio bach iawn nesaf at Draeth y De ond mae'n llenwi'n gyflym iawn yn yr haf. Mae gan faes parcio preifat oddi ar The Esplanade fwy o le ond os cyrhaeddwch wedi 11am yn ystod gwyliau'r ysgolion yn yr haf, ewch yn syth am y maes parcio a theithio a defnyddiwch y bws gwennol am ddim. Dewis arall yw parcio yng ngorsaf Penalun a cherdded ar draws y cwrs golff.

Cyfleusterau traeth: Cadeiriau haul a fan hufen iâ.

Cyfleusterau ar y lan: Caffi a thoiledau wrth y fynedfa i'r traeth. Canolfan Groeso, nifer o gaffis, tafarndai a thai bwyta, nifer o siopau diddorol a dewis da o westai, parciau carafanau, gwely a brecwast a chyfleusterau hunanarlwyo yn Ninbych-y-pysgod.


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Mae Traeth y De Dinbych-y-pysgod yn filltir a hanner o hyd â thwyni'n gefn iddo, gyda digonedd o le ar ben Dinbych-y-pysgod ar gyfer teuluoedd ac i'r dwyrain ar gyfer gweithgareddau traeth mwy egnïol. Ceir erwau o draeth ar lanw isel ond bydd digon o le yn dal i fod pan fydd y llanw'n uchel. Mae goledd y traeth yn raddol iawn ac mae'n rhydd o unrhyw rwystrau. Mae cyfyngiadau ar gŵn ar y traeth sydd o dan y clogwyni, i'r dwyrain o ardal maes parcio/caffi'r traeth, rhwng 1 Mai a 30 Medi.

Derbyniodd y traeth Wobr Glan Môr (Cyrchfan) 2012 a Gwobr Traeth Baner Las 2012.

Am ragor o wybodaeth am Draeth Niwgwl gweler tudalen Gwelliant Maes Parcio Niwgwl Môr Glas.

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Wildlife Spotting

Most beach litter accumulates on the strandline, which is also a good location for wildlife. This material could be used to help people understand what they are seeing as they clear up litter. The highest point the tide reaches on a beach is called the strandline. Here, the tides leave behind sediments such as seaweed, dead plants and animals and, unfortunately, litter. Several strandlines can occur on a beach due to changes in the height of the tides. “Beachcombing” is the study of animals, or their remains, and other life washed up by the sea onto the beach strandline. Searching this strandline can be very rewarding. As well as clearing litter it’s possible to find all kinds of other bits and pieces deposited there from further out to sea.


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Exploring rock pools can be a fascinating beach activity, especially for children. Check out the Seashore Explorer booklets published by the Countryside Council for Wales which give you points for spotting creatures, great fun!But please remember that rock pools contain living creatures, and their habitat is vitally important for their survival. So if you are going rock pooling, please follow these guidelines Return all rock pool creatures to where you found them Replace rocks and stones carefully if you turn them over Don't leave creatures in jars or buckets of water for any length of time Don't drop litter in rock pools


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Why not buy a simple guide to coastal birds, and see how many you can spot ..... The most familiar birds to be seen from the cliff tops are razorbills, guillemots, kittiwakes, fulmars and various species of gull, as well as shags, cormorants and the rarer choughs and peregrine falcons. The rocky cliffs of the mainland and the offshore islands support large colonies of nesting sea birds with some of national and international importance. On the island of Grassholm, for example, there are around 32,000 nesting pairs of gannets with puffins and manx shearwaters nesting in large numbers on Skomer and Skokholm. Why not add your finds to the Pembrokeshire Birds blogspot


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Learn more about Pembrokeshire islands


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Flower Spotting

The All Wales Coastal path now takes in 870 miles of walking around our fabulous coast. Of course the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is the only coastal park in the UK, with its own long established Pembrokeshire National Trail amounting to some 186 miles. If you have a smart phone, you can also download the Wales Coast Path app.


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Walk with a Bus!

With such a diverse landscape and 186 miles its difficult to select where to start! Either take a linear walk (point to point), leaving a car at either end of your selected walk, or pick up the Puffin Shuttle,Strumble Shuttle, Coastal Cruiser or Poppit Rocket to take you back to your starting point. Lots of bubble (circular) walks taking in stretches of the coast path and then some inland walking, are also great ways of exploring Pembrokeshire’s extensive coastline. Click here for timetable information and links to coast path walks


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